Timing and Synchronisation

5G is the future of telecommunication technology. It is designed to be efficient and provide the highest quality of service to its users. However, to achieve this, the timing and synchronization of the network is crucial.

At CoverTel, we offer a range of solutions to ensure that 5G technology works effectively and efficiently at its highest capacity. We provide Timing and Synchronization network equipment and test equipment, which are essential for the correct operation of 5G and other networks. The ADVA PTP synchronization clocks, as well as PTP test equipment from Calnex Solutions and Albedo Telecom, are world-renowned for their quality and reliability.

We are proud to offer local support for these products, so you don’t have to worry about seeking technical support overseas. Let us help you make the most of 5G technology, so you can enjoy faster and more reliable communication.

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