Adtran Networks (formerly ADVA)

Adtran Networks SE (formerly ADVA) is a European telecommunications vendor founded on the principles of innovation, dedicated to helping its customers succeed by providing network equipment for data, storage, voice and video services. Established in 1994 with a vision, to ADd VAlue, the company has helped to redefine how networks can be used as a company’s competitive advantage. From the global megatrends of cloud and mobility to the emergence of IoT and 5G, ADVA has been playing an intrinsic role in the future of network technology.

They are the brain for the industry-first 25G demarcation device, FSP 150-XJ128, which provides comprehensive OAM capabilities, zero-touch provisioning and accurate synchronization as well as ALM fiber monitoring solution, the real-time fiber assurance to mission-critical networks across the globe. They have also developed Ethernet access products that are used by carriers for data center interconnectivity or global backbones for enterprise customers, solutions for backhaul service providers to offer synchronization as a service.

Adtran Networks has also acquired Oscilloquartz in 2014.

Oscilloquartz’s products and solutions are designed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of timing and synchronization signals across different types of networks, including traditional TDM networks, packet-based networks, and wireless networks. This is critical for many modern applications, such as financial trading, cellular networks, and power grids, which require precise timing to operate effectively.

Some of the key products offered by Oscilloquartz include advanced primary reference time clock (PRTC) solutions, PTP Grandmaster clocks, network time servers, and synchronization management software. The company also provides consulting, training, and support services to help customers optimize their timing and synchronization infrastructure.

Oscilloquartz developed the OSA 3350+ which is the industry’s first ePRC optical cesium clock solution, tackling GNSS vulnerabilities and enabling 5G. Furthermore, their product portfolio also consists of Precision Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions. PNT is a critical capability that is used in many applications, such as defense, transportation, and emergency services, to provide accurate positioning and timing information. Oscilloquartz’s PNT solutions are designed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of these signals, even in challenging environments. Their OSA 5350 is a compact and modular PNT grandmaster clock that provides high accuracy and resilience in GNSS-denied environments. It features a built-in rubidium atomic clock and advanced oscillator technologies that can maintain accurate timing signals for extended periods.

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