Cable Testers

We’ve teamed up with the industry’s top leaders to bring you the most advanced tools available. Whether you’re untangling a web of existing cables or embarking on a fresh installation, our network cable testers are here to supercharge your network’s performance and keep you up and running smoothly.

Our lineup of network cable testing tools is nothing short of impressive. We’ve got the LAN Seeker Cable Tester, the Cable Prowler, the HDMI Tester, the NaviTEK NT Network Cable Tester, and the mighty Net Chaser™ Ethernet Speed Certifier & Network Tester. These ingenious devices are built to deliver lightning-fast, spot-on testing for a wide variety of cables. No matter the type or configuration, identifying and solving any network issues has never been easier.

We don’t settle for anything less than excellence, which is why we partner with the finest manufacturers in the world. Quality is our mantra, and we adhere to strict Australian Standards for Quality Management, Occupational Health & Safety Standards, and Environmental Management Standards. When you choose CoverTel, you’re choosing peace of mind and top-notch reliability.

Say goodbye to cable troubleshooting headaches! We’ve got just the cable tester you need to make your life simpler. With our tools in your hands, identifying and resolving cable issues becomes a breeze. Let us help you achieve a smooth, glitch-free network experience with our unbeatable range of cable testers.

Get ready to unravel the mysteries of your network cables and unleash the full potential of your connectivity. Choose CoverTel, your trusted partner in simplifying cable troubleshooting.

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