Paragon-T Multi Port Synchronization Tester

The Calnex Paragon-T Tester Multi-Port Synchronization Tester provides simultaneous frequency, phase, ToD and SyncE wander test functions if you’re looking to rigorously test SECs, EECs, boundary and slave clocks. The Paragon-t lets you to make 4 Frequency, plus 4 Phase (1pps) and 4 ToD display measurements simultaneously. In other words, 12 simultaneous measurements saving you days of test time, greatly increasing test coverage, and saving on test equipment.

So if you need to verify multiple software releases each year, verify network equipment during vendor selection, acceptance test or field trials, or verify the Installation of synchronization equipment, now you can be sure your NEs meet performance and quality standards. Better still, the Paragon-t lets you do it faster, more thoroughly and with less equipment than ever before.

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Paragon-T Tester Multi Port Synchronization Tester

Parallel Measurements for Ethernet & IP Mobile Backhaul

The Calnex Paragon-t is a versatile and powerful testing device, designed to enable comprehensive testing of up to four distinct network devices simultaneously, including SECs, EECs, and Boundary and Slave Clocks. It offers an extensive range of testing functions, catering to both legacy synchronization and next-generation Ethernet devices and systems, ensuring optimal performance in accordance with the latest ITU standards.

Developers and labs can benefit from the device’s built-in Calnex Analyzer Tool (CAT), which provides a wide range of measurement results for efficient analysis. The CAT’s multi-graph window allows for the correlation of multiple measurements and channels to facilitate characterization and validation of system and device behavior, along with ITU-T standard pass/fail evaluation or user masks.

Notably, the Paragon-t’s ability to generate wander on up to four interfaces and conduct up to 12 precise measurements simultaneously can greatly increase test coverage and reduce test time, resulting in significant cost savings.

For those seeking to conduct rigorous testing of SECs, EECs, boundary, and slave clocks, the Calnex Paragon-t’s frequency, phase, ToD, and wander test functions prove invaluable, offering reliable and accurate testing capabilities.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Simultaneous testing of multiple 1588v2 Slave and Boundary Clocks
    • Apply multiflow, multi-PDV profiles using the Paragon-X and simultaneously measure the BC/SC clock and phase outputs using the Paragon-t
    • 4 ports simultaneous Boundary Clock (BC) and Slave Clock (SC) frequency measurements
    • 4 ports phase measurement
      • 1pps (bal/unbal)
    • 4 ports ToD (Time of Day) accuracy measurement
    • 4 ports MTIE, TDEV, clock MAFE and FFO pass/fail evaluation to standard or user masks
  • Simultaneous Sync-E measurement
    • 4 ports simultaneous Sync-E wander measurement to G.8262/G.8261
    • 4 ports Sync-E ESMC measurement and decodes to G.8264
    • 4 ports MTIE, TDEV, clock MAFE and FFO pass/fail evaluation to G.8262/G.8261 standard or user masks
  • Ideal for system verification, benchmarking, regression test or Proof or Concept.
  • Test chains (e.g. BCs) requiring multiple simultaneous test points.