Narda Safety Test Solutions

Narda Safety Test Solutions is a premier supplier of measuring equipment within the RF Test & Measurement industry. With a focus on interference localization and spectrum monitoring, Narda is committed to providing top-quality, high-precision measuring devices. Their RF Test & Measurement range includes a wide variety of signal  analyzers and specialized devices designed for measuring and identifying RF sources.

Narda’s expertise in interference localization and spectrum monitoring is reflected in their real-time monitoring receiver, such as SignalShark and automatic DF antennas, which are used for direction finding and localization of radio signals, as well as long-term monitoring. These tools allow users to accurately identify and locate RF sources, making it an essential component for any RF test and measurement setup.

To further complement their products, Narda also provides comprehensive servicing and calibration services, as well as training programs. This complete range of services ensures that their customers can rely on their equipment to perform at its best.

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