aPNT+™ Solution – Assured PNT Services

Robust and resilient PNT for time sync services

ADVA has responded to the PNT cyber threats and developed innovative assured PNT (aPNT+™) technology to augment the resilience, security and robustness of timing for critical infrastructure. ADVA’s aPNT+™ solution builds on expertise and products applied for decades in most mission-critical applications with operators and enterprises.

With ADVA Oscilloquartz aPNT+™, you get the highest level of threat detection combined with multiple backup options and a comprehensive range of fault mitigation strategies. Featuring the industry’s most advanced multi-band, multi-constellation GNSS receiver technology, ADVA offers a comprehensive portfolio of Oscilloquartz timing and synchronization solutions. This gives operators of critical infrastructure a toolbox of solutions that can be applied to any threat environment.

In June 2023, ADVA Optical Networking SE has officially changed its name to Adtran Networks SE. The products of ADVA will continue to be available from CoverTel as usual. Logo change of products from ADVA to Adtran will be done progressively.

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aPNT+™ Solution

The ADVA Oscilloquartz aPNT+™ platform provides spoofing, jamming, and cyber threat detection, so that malicious activities can be identified immediately and timing can be derived from uncompromised sources. The aPNT+™ technology is designed for the highest levels of resilience and robustness in the industry.With the resilient and robust design of ADVA Oscilloquartz aPNT+™ platform, network operators can achieve enhanced level 4 resilience as defined in the DHS PNT Conformance Framework. This provides the best possible solution against natural disasters, terrorist activities, and today’s all-time high frequency of cyber threats and deliberate attacks. In addition, this solution also prevents unintentional jamming and shadowing of antennas. This mitigates any technical failures, such as malfunctioning PNT devices or communications network outages. This automated management system will minimize human error and, with a high-degree of AI/ML-assisted assurance, operational problems are avoided. That’s why ADVA Oscilloquartz aPNT+™ platform is the trusted standard for assured PNT services.

The aPNT framework includes these three fundamental building blocks, all working together as an integrated function for augmented PNT assurance, including resilience, robustness, and security:

  • Multi-layer detection of malicious and unintentional disturbances to GNSS signals
  • Multi-source backup including cesium, PTP network timing and in-device enhanced holdover oscillators
  • Multi-level fault-tolerant mitigation through intelligent management of real-time synchronization

The threefold aPNT framework features not only augmented resilience but also robustness and
cybersecurity, all equally essential features for full PNT assurance.