ALBEDO Telecom

ALBEDO Telecom designs and manufactures a range of products for the telecom industry, including C37.94 testers, synchronization nodes, networking devices, and multimeters. The company’s products are primarily used by R&D laboratories, power utilities, railways, Defence, mobile and telecom operators to verify and install infrastructures that support various applications based on voice, video, and data. Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Albedo Telecom’s core expertise range from PTP timing, PPS, IRIG-B, T1/E1, TDM, Jitter/Wander analysis, QoS, and SLA technologies that has been implemented in Network clocks, WAN Emulators, test and measurement testers, and Monitoring Systems. In spite of being a manufacturer of various telecom products, ALBEDO Telecom’s main focus is on providing solutions that help their customers improve network performance and maintain equipment compliance. Their products are designed to meet industry standards and help companies optimize their network performance to ensure that their services meet the needs of their customers. Their most successful product to date is the xGenius, which is preferred by field engineers to install, monitor and maintain infrastructures that control critical services such as internet, electricity and transportation.

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