Guardian Telecom

Guardian Telecom designs, manufactures and sells different communication devices to clients in more than 75 countries. These phone systems are designed to work well even in challenging environments and conditions. Guardian Telecom understands that every client is unique and offers a variety of choices to meet their specific needs. The company’s goal is to make safety a part of the communication process, not a barrier to it.

Guardian Telecom specializes in creating telephone systems that are rugged and reliable for use in tough industrial settings. These phone systems are designed to work with different types of external trunk lines and internal extensions, depending on the client’s needs. They also offer additional features such as voice mail packages and battery back-up to make the systems more complete.

In addition to the telephone systems, Guardian Telecom also offers a range of industrial telephones, including weather-resistant or weatherproof phones, watertight, ruggedized, and explosion-proof models. They also offer full-featured OEM digital phone sets and cordless phone subsystems.

The internal phones in a business phone network are connected using a PABX, which also connects them to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), VoIP providers, and SIP trunks. Guardian Telecom’s turnkey PABX phone system and VoIP phone system solutions ensure that client demands are met or exceeded.

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