OSA 5400 TimeCard™ Embedded Timing Solution

Half-size PCIe card, PTP grandmaster, NTP server, boundary/slave clock

The OSA 5400 TimeCard™ from Oscilloquartz, an ADVA Optical Networking company, is a pluggable timing solution for delivering and assuring precise synchronization. It can be easily plugged into a free PCIe slot of a standard server or PCs, providing the most precise and assured synchronization. The OSA 5400 TimeCard™ adds essential PTP grandmaster and GNSS receiver capabilities. Furthermore, a choice of high-performance quartz and rubidium oscillators provide the necessary holdover in case of GNSS outages. Unlike other timing cards, the OSA 5400 TimeCard™ is designed for simplicity and assured operations. With ADVA’s Ensemble Sync Director, timing network quality is constantly monitored. Disruptions can be identified immediately, and problems can be resolved even before they impact synchronization performance.

In June 2023, ADVA Optical Networking SE has officially changed its name to Adtran Networks SE. The products of ADVA will continue to be available from CoverTel as usual. Logo change of products from ADVA to Adtran will be done progressively.

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OSA 5400 TimeCard™ Half-size PCIe card

The OSA 5400 from Oscilloquartz, an ADVA Optical Networking Company, provides a comprehensive set of synchronizations functions including a GNSS receiver, PTP grandmaster, NTP server, SyncE and a very precise boundary clock. The half-size PCIe-card can be plugged into any standard server to provide accurate timing including a comprehensive set of management and assurance features. With the OSA 5400 TimeCard™ installed in a server, applications have access to accurate and robust synchronization. Precise time information is provided by a PTP and NTP time server, which can be synchronized to UTC with the onboard GNSS receivers. The OSA 5400 TimeCard™ is essential for any server hosting mission-critical and time-sensitive applications.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Standard PCIe card
    Half-length, standard-height single and dual slot server card
  • Sophisticated, feature -rich synchronization
    Built-in GNSS receiver enabling PRTC and IEEE 1588v2 grandmaster (GM), boundary (BC), slave clock (SC) and NTP server functionality
  • Syncjack™ technology
    GNSS and synchronization assurance with comprehensive monitoring and analytics
  • Proven Oscilloquartz technology
    OSAinside™ for faster time to market with less development and integration effort, while providing comprehensive timing functions
  • Highest reliability
    Multiple fallback options – high-stability OCXO/rubidium, SyncE and PTP can be used in the event of GNSS outage
  • Open control interfaces
    Management integration with standardized information models and optional use of ADVA’s Ensemble Sync Director