Net.Time Omega

PTP/NTP over PRP clock

Net.Time Omega is a versatile clock designed to solve any synchronization demands of industries that are using NTP servers but plan to migrate to PTP or have to support legacy protocols. It can be configured as Master, Boundary and Slave clock to distribute a large variety of timing signals including PTP, NTP, PRP, ToD , PPS, IRIGB, DCF77, SyncE , MHz and T1/E1.

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Net.Time Omega

Net.Time Omega is an advanced time synchronization clock that offers a robust and reliable solution to time synchronization issues such as loss of reference, network outages, and power failures. It is designed to meet the stringent timing needs of a variety of industries and is highly versatile, offering multiple configurations for different applications. For instance, data centres, stock exchanges, broadcast, IoT, power utilities, and air traffic control can all use Net.Time Omega to guarantee faulttolerant reliability in their critical operations.

Net.Time Omega also simplifies the process of moving to the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) by using investments in existing timing systems, such as NTP, IRIGB, and BITS, to facilitate integration, interoperability, and translations across all signal, profile, and protocol types. With Net.Time Omega, users can enjoy an easy, stressfree migration to PTP with the assurance that all services will be running securely and reliably at all times.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Modular and Configurable
  • Rubidium / OCXO oscillator
  • Double Port 1Gb/s (opt/ele)
  • NTP Server
  • Network Fault tolerant
  • PTP Power and Telecom profiles
  • Power Fault Tolerant
  • 512 unicast clients
  • Simultaneous PTP + NTP
  • PRP for PTP and NTP
  • PTP, NTP, ToD, PPS. T1/E1, SynCE, IRIG-B, MHz, DCF77
  • Carrier-class: 2x Vax / Vdc
  • +70ºC fan-less operation
  • Universal Protocol translator
  • Universal Profile translator
  • Time Ref. Fault Tolerant


  • Power Substations
  • Data Centers
  • Railway control and stations
  • Air Traffic control
  • IEC 61850 Substations based on PTP, NTP, PRP willing to integrate
  • Finance Institutions
  • Wireless Networks devoted to control and timing
  • Stock Exchange
  • Broadcast Radio and TV
  • Mission-Critical applications