OSA 5401 Series SFP-based PTP Grandmaster Clock

SFP-based PTP grandmaster, NTP server, boundary/slave clock, GNSS receiver

The OSA 5401 Series from Oscilloquartz, an ADVA Optical Networking company, is one of the most accurate and efficient small form-factor pluggable (SFP) GNSS receivers and grandmaster clocks on the market. With its entirely new timing distribution architecture, it meets the stringent synchronization requirements of today’s radio access networks. The device’s small size and low-touch provisioning enables it to be deployed in the most space-restrictive locations. It’s also a low-cost solution that consumes minimal energy and needs no additional power source or real estate.

In June 2023, ADVA Optical Networking SE has officially changed its name to Adtran Networks SE. The products of ADVA will continue to be available from CoverTel as usual. Logo change of products from ADVA to Adtran will be done progressively.
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OSA 5401 Series PTP Grandmaster Clock

SFP-Based PTP GM, Boundary and Slave Clock

With the smallest footprint and most compact design on the market, the OSA 5401 SyncPlug™ is a powerful and versatile time server with a built-in GNSS receiver. It offers accurate phase and frequency synchronization with NTP, Sync-E and PTP at the network edge without adding any footprint to the network. With its small form factor and rich feature set, it can be deployed in a variety of ways to enhance the performance of your sync network.

The optimized dual-frequency GNSS receiver on the OSA 5401 achieves excellent performance, even in urban canyons where small cells are often deployed. Generating phenomenal PTP phase and frequency synchronization for traditional base station and small cell network deployments, the technology gives network operators a cost-effective migration path for deploying strong synchronization deep in radio access networks. It also integrates with existing network elements. Its small form factor and rich feature set enable a versatile range of deployment options for enhanced synchronization network performance.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • ADVA Syncplug™ Technology
    Distribution of highly accurate timing with smallest footprint on the market.
  • Fully-Featured Frequency and Phase Enabler
    Built-in GNSS receiver enabling PRTC and IEEE 1588v2 grandmaster (GM), boundary (BC) and slave clock (SC) functionality.
  • Compatible
    Compliant with SFP multi-source agreement (MSA) – no need for additional space and power.
  • Extended Holdover Performance
    Multiple fallback options to high-end Stratum 3E oscillator, SyncE and PTP in the event of GNSS outage.
  • Increased System Design Flexibility
    Enables decoupling of network element development from GNSS receiver implementation.
  • Customizable
    OEM product customization option for vendor branding.