Net.Sync Rack Mounted PTP Sync Tester

PTP synchronization tester

Albedo Net.Sync is a rack mounted synchronization appliance that can be configured as Grand-Master or Slave PTP clock. It can also monitor the quality assurance node capable to monitor the synchronization accuracy executing frequency/phase wander measurements including MTIE, TDEV and FPC to track the accuracy of master clocks. Net.Sync can play a an additional a tester therefore is able to verify the transmission layer being used by the timing packets by means of capacity and quality suites such as the RFC 2544, Y.1564 as simply looping back frames and packets to remote appliances.

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Net.Sync PTP Synchronization Tester

Net.Sync helps maintain the accuracy and reliability of computer networks by ensuring everything runs on time and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. It can be configured to act as a “Master” or “Slave” clock to synchronize all the devices on the network. It does this by monitoring the synchronization quality of the network and measuring the accuracy of the master clock. This means that everything on the network will be running at the same time, which is important for things like video and audio streaming.

In addition to keeping the network running on time, Net.Sync can also troubleshoot problems with the transmission layer of the network. It can run tests to check the capacity and quality of the network, and it can also loop packets back to remote appliances for testing.

Net.Sync has many features that are useful for different applications. It can be used by telecom operators, power utilities, large factories, PTP vendors, and R+D centers to help maintain accurate timing in their networks. It can synchronize to multiple time references such as GNSS, PPS/ToD, OCXO, SyncE, PTP, E1/T1, and 10MHz. It can output timing signals in various formats such as PTP, SyncE, E1/T1, 2.0/1.5 MHz, and 1 x PPS. It can also perform various tests and analyses such as packet analysis, Ethernet/IP statistics, bandwidth, and latency test assisted by GNSS.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Built-in GNSS, OCXO, Rubidium (optional)
  • Ports: 2xSFP, 4xRJ45, 2xBNC, SMA-F, USB
  • Time Ref.: PPS, ToDs, E1/T1, 2.048/1.544/10.0 MHz
  • Int Clock: OCXO, Rubidium
  • SyncE: G.8261, G.8262, G.8264
  • SyncE MTIE/TDEV measurement
  • IEEE 1588v2 support decoding
  • PTP master / slave
  • RTD and 1-way delay measurements (GPS accuracy)
  • RFC 2544, eSAM (Y.1564), SLA
  • Wander Analysis/Generation
  • Floor Delay Population measurements
  • L1/L2/L3/L4 loopback
  • SNMP/MIB support