Ensemble Controller – Network Management System

Combining network management with domain control

The Ensemble Controller is part of Oscilloquartz’s comprehensive Ensemble software solution suite for advanced operation and control of physical and virtualized networks. It streamlines management processes, assists in the isolation of faults, gathers performance data and delivers comprehensive reporting for seamless data and synchronization network operations. The Ensemble Controller boasts an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and wealth of sorting and filtering options, operational staff can easily and efficiently manage the network, no matter how big or complex it is. The Ensemble Controller enables innovative automation for the delivery and assurance of intelligent synchronization, increasing efficiency in problem diagnostics.

In June 2023, ADVA Optical Networking SE has officially changed its name to Adtran Networks SE. The products of ADVA will continue to be available from CoverTel as usual. Logo change of products from ADVA to Adtran will be done progressively.
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Ensemble Controller

The Ensemble Controller is a powerful network management solution that combines network management with domain control, offering a comprehensive suite of features to simplify the planning and operation of multi-technology networks.


  • Performance management: The Ensemble Controller enables operators to collect, store, and display performance data, allowing them to monitor and optimize network quality, ensuring SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are met.
  • Open standardized northbound interfaces: This controller simplifies integration with open-source and commercial multi-domain controllers, making it easy to connect and work with various systems.
  • Technology-specific extensions: With domain-specific applications such as Ensemble Sync Director, Ensemble Optical Director, and Ensemble ConnectGuardTM Director, you can enhance your network management capabilities and cater to specific requirements.
  • Multi-technology management: You only need one tool for managing optical transport, packet networks, and synchronization, streamlining your operations and reducing complexity.
  • Proven, reliable, and scalable: The Ensemble Controller has been applied by over 750 customers and is designed to handle more than 100,000 network elements, ensuring its reliability and scalability for your network infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • FCAPS management, abstraction & network control: The Ensemble Controller provides comprehensive management capabilities, allowing you to control and monitor your network infrastructure efficiently.
  • Centralized visibility and control of network infrastructure: Gain a centralized view of your entire network, enabling you to oversee and control network elements seamlessly.
  • Integrated cross-layer management view: With support for WDM, OTN, Ethernet, and Sync, you can manage multiple layers of your network from a single interface.
  • Extensive security features: The Ensemble Controller offers authentication using Radius and TACACS+ protocols, secure encryption protocols, user activity logging, and optional four-eyes principle for critical actions, ensuring the safety and integrity of your network.
  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI): The user-friendly point-and-click GUI, along with automatic topology detection and photo-realistic shelf display, makes network management effortless and accessible.
  • Fault and alarm monitoring: Benefit from advanced fault management features, including automatic synchronization with network elements, alarm correlation and filtering, and user-friendly browsing, sorting, and filtering options.
  • Data collection and reporting: The Ensemble Controller supports extensive data collection for AI applications, allowing you to gather valuable insights for network optimization. It also provides centralized software download, backup, and restore functionalities for efficient management.
  • Wide range of northbound interfaces: Enjoy seamless integration with other systems and orchestrators through a variety of northbound interfaces, such as ONF T-API, IETF TEAS, and MEF Presto.