ALM Series Fibre Monitoring Solution

Fibre monitoring solution for lean operations

Adtran’s ALM is a vital tool for service providers aiming to deliver superior performance. It provides operators with real-time, on-site fibre monitoring of the entire optical plant, enabling them to know immediately if and where the issues arise while avoiding outages and enhancing customer experience. This simple solution is designed for maximum power efficiency and requires no active, onsite equipment at the remote site as it can be configured to passively monitor access services. Eliminating active demarcation further reduces cost and frees operators to deploy the ALM in even the most extreme environmental conditions.

In June 2023, ADVA Optical Networking SE has officially changed its name to Adtran Networks SE. The products of ADVA will continue to be available from CoverTel as usual. Logo change of products from ADVA to Adtran will be done progressively.

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Adtran ALM Series Fibre Monitoring Solution

With Adtran’s ALM fibre monitoring solution, service providers get real-time insight into the quality of their fibre infrastructure. In the event of an attenuation problem, fibre breakage or a tapping event, the users are immediately notified with the exact geographic location via the Adtran’s Ensemble Fibre Director or third-party geographic information systems (GIS). Furthermore, with its small footprint, low power consumption, and self-calibrating capabilities, Adtran’s ALM will never require regular maintenance.

The ALM provides a fibre monitoring solution for an unprecedented range of applications in both fixed and mobile access, with its transparent, service-agnostic monitoring. Now service providers and businesses can truly maximize the potential of their fibre assets for more robust, efficient services and a crucial competitive edge.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Improved service quality
    Real-time information on fibre integrity for fast failure detection and short repair cycles
  • Non-intrusive monitoring
    Inherent compatibility of demarcation reflectors with any user data protocol as well as multi-wavelength transmission systems
  • Streamlined operations
    In-service fibre monitoring for immediate separation between failures of active devices and problems with the fibre plant
  • Higher availability
    Detecting degradations and initiating counter-measures before services are affected and SLAs are violated
  • Simplified demarcation
    Passive demarcation reflectors for operation without power supply even under harsh environmental conditions
  • Intuitive management interface
    Integrated with market-leading geographic information systems (GIS) to quickly and easily localize fibre issues