Keys to successful FTTH/PON deployments

Keys to successful FTTH/PON Deployments

Service Providers are adopting full Fiber to the Home (FTTH) solutions to reach new customers and meet increasing demand. At the heart of successful PON deployments is efficient network test and certification. They and their contractor ecosystem need solutions to support all phases of the network lifecycle - build/construction certification, network equipment activation, subscriber installations, and on-going operations and maintenance. VIAVI FTTH products range from basic light sources and power meters, essential fiber end face inspection, automated bi-directional loss test sets, OTDR with dedicated FTTH test applications, and wavelength selective PON power meters to support new PON standards and their co-existence on existing PON networks.

Get the "all-in-one" handheld solution for fiber inspection with FiberChek Probe
No need to connect to other devices to inspect, test, or store - these capabilities are already built into the FiberChek Probe.

Troubleshoot networks with SmartClass Fiber OLP-87 PON Power Meter
Enables simultaneous power measurement of all upstream and downstream wavelengths on live B/E/G-PON network.

Optimize Field Testing with the SmartOTDR Fiber Tester
A tailored OTDR interface and automatic analysis that any technician can understand.

Become an OTDR Test Expert with the Smart Link Mapper
Icon-based map view of OTDR events and instant pass/fail display for easy results interpretation and analysis.

Save 40% Testing Time with FiberComplete
Automatic bi-directional IL, ORL and OTDR test solution for use in the installation, turnup and maintenance of FTTx/PON networks.

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