Cable Stripper

Are you tired of struggling to strip cables? Look no further! Our selection of cable strippers has everything you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty: can you strip fibre optic cable? Of course you can! Our range of fibre optic cable stripper is specifically designed for this task and is a must-have for anyone working with fibre optics. In fact, some of our cable strippers, such as Three Hole Fibre Optic Stripping Tool JIC-375, Jokari No. 27 Fibre Optic Cable Stripping Knife for 2-28mm Round Cable, Jonard Tools FOD-2000 Fibre Optic Drop Cable Slitter for 0.250″ Flat Drop Cable Splitting, are used by Telstra and NBN Techs!

The coring and stripping tool is a very popular cable stripper for precise cuts and intact fibres. You won’t have to worry about damaging your fibres with this tool.

But how do you remove fibre optic cables? Our mid span slit and ring tool is the answer. With this, you can slit the outer jacket of the cable without harming the inner fibres, making it easy to remove the cable from a splice enclosure.

Now, let’s talk about cutting fibre optics. The two hole and three hole fibre optic strippers offer precision cuts every time. Say goodbye to struggling with uneven cuts or damaged fibres.

We offer a wide variety of cable strippers for different cable sizes, including Drop Cable Stripper, Round Cable Stripper, strip and ring tool, riser slitting tool, web slitter and shaving, cable stripping knife, tube splitter, and even a coax cable stripper. No matter what type of cable you’re dealing with, we have the perfect tool for the job.

We know that cable stripping can be a tedious and frustrating task, but it doesn’t have to be. Our comprehensive range of cable strippers are designed to make your job easier and more efficient, allowing you to get the job done in less time and with less frustration.

So, don’t hesitate to check out our selection of cable strippers. We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect tool for your needs. Say goodbye to cable stripping struggles and hello to efficient, precise cuts.

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