COAXIAL Cable Stripper, 3.2 – 5.7mm OD

$60.50 incl GST

This Coaxial Cable Stripping Tool is the most suitable cable stripper for cutting optical fibre cable loose. Suits loose tubes up to 5.7mm diameter.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Compact, lightweight, inexpensive and easy to operate
  • Adjustable blades for any depth to ensure clean and damage free strips each time
  • Can be used for: twisted-pair wire, tightly wrapped stranded cables, CATV cable, CB antenna cable, SO, SJ, SJT, and other types of flexible power cords
  • Rounded edge slitting blade included
  • Replacement blades are available

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Coaxial Cable Stripper Ideal 45-163

Introducing the Coaxial Cable Stripper Tool – your ultimate solution for efficient and precise cable preparation. Used by NBN and Telstra contractors, this versatile tool simplifies the process of stripping jacket and conductor from various round cables, making it an indispensable asset for your everyday tasks.

With the ability to strip round cable jackets and inner conductors ranging from 1/8in. to 7/32in. O.D., this adjustable cable stripper is compatible with a wide range of cables, including fibre, coaxial, and basic insulated conductors. No matter the cable type, the Coaxial Cable Stripper ensures a clean and accurate cut, preserving the integrity of the inner conductors without causing any damage.

What sets this tool apart is its three separate active cutting blades, each with its own unique functionality. The first blade features a rounded edge for slitting, allowing you to effortlessly score the jacket without harming the inner conductors. Each blade is adjustable, giving you full control over the cutting depth and ensuring precise results every time.

Designed with portability in mind, this lightweight and compact cable stripper tool offers an exceptional alternative to traditional fixed blade stripping tools. It excels in specialty cable preparation where other tools fall short, allowing you to adjust the stripper according to the specific requirements of your application.

The Coaxial Cable Stripper’s versatility shines through its capability to handle cable diameters from .125″/3.2mm up to .250″/6.4mm, accommodating a wide range of cable sizes commonly encountered in NBN and Telstra projects. For larger or smaller cable sizes, alternative Adjustable Ringers are available to meet your specific needs.

Furthermore, the Blue Adjustable Ringer™, proudly made in the USA by Ideal Industries, is built to deliver unsurpassed performance and durability. Its high-quality construction ensures reliability, making it a long-lasting companion for your cable preparation tasks. Additionally, replacement blades are readily available, ensuring that your Ringer tool remains functional and ready for any challenge.

Streamline your cable preparation process with the Coaxial Cable Stripper Tool. Experience the convenience of adjustable cutting blades, precise control, and effortless stripping, all in one compact package. Enhance your efficiency, save time, and achieve flawless results with this indispensable tool designed to meet the demands of NBN and Telstra contractors.

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