Cable Cutters or Cable Strippers: Which is which?

Cable Cutters or Cable Strippers are great for electricians, FTTH or maintenance technicians, NBN Contractors and DIY enthusiasts who need to cut and strip a variety of different cable and wire sizes.

The handheld cable stripping tools or wire strippers are best for stripping the outer coating of a cable to expose the active wires underneath. It is possible to strip a wire with a knife or with a pair of scissors but it's a slow process and could potentially result in damaging the wires. Of course, you also have the option of biting off the insulation but that can result in pain and a hefty dental bill!

Cable cutters or wire cutters as they are commonly called, are tools that have been designed to properly cut either wire or cable with minimal damage to the insulation or internal conductors of the wire or cable. It is important to make sure the wiring or cable is cleanly cut in order to ensure a good electrical connection.

In short, a cable stripper is for removing the insulation from the wire and a cable cutter is for cutting wire. Remember, it is always best to use proper tools to get the job done that will also save you time and your cable.

Check out some of these cable cutters and cable strippers from Jonard Tools

Compact Cable Cutter

This network cable cutter is perfect for cutting twisted pair network cables quickly and easily. Designed with ultra-sharp dual curved blades to cut through network cables, including the pesky nylon rip cords. You can cut network or copper cables up to 0.50" (12.7 mm) in diameter with this cable cutters' large jaw opening.

Cyclops Wire Stripper 

This unique and patented Cyclops Wire Stripper is the perfect tool for removing the outer insulation from all unshielded and shielded twisted pair and multicore cables. This wire stripper safely strips insulation off of cables that are 1/8”-3/8” (3.2 mm-9.6 mm) in diameter without damaging inner braids, foils, or conductors of cables.

Adjustable Wire Stripper & Cutter

This adjustable wire stripper and cutter has a precision-ground "V" notch blade for superior stripping. This wire stripper has an adjustable screw to set wire size anywhere from 10-30 AWG making it the perfect tool for stripping and cutting solid and stranded wires. With a wire looping and bending hole, this wire stripper is ideal for solid conductor wire.

Three Hole Fibre Optic Cable Stripper

This fibre optic cable stripper use preset factory settings so no adjustments is required. This unique design eliminates human error and prevents nicks or scratches from occurring on the optical fibres. This cable stripper strips the 1.6 mm-3.0 mm fibre cable jacket, 600-900 micron buffer coating, and 250 micron acrylate coating to expose the 125 micron glass fibre

Fibre Optic Round Cable Slitter

This fibre optic round cable slitter is safe and easy to use, making it a "must-have" tool for any FTTH or maintenance technician that needs to work with round fibre optic cables. It slits cables with outer diameter from 9mm to 19mm and provides easy fibre access for both mid span and end of cables. Cable slitting is made easier with this cable slitter's hinged tool that allows quick cable loading for mid-span slitting.

Fibre Optic Drop Cable Slitter

Fibre drop cable jacket slitting has never been easier with this patented and award-winning FOD-2000 Fibre Optic Drop Cable Slitter. Intended for flat fibre drop cables, this cable slitter is perfect for FTTH technicians using flat fibre cables. Designed to slit 0.250” flat drop cables as well as other cables of similar dimensions. It also
slits flat cables with widths between 0.305" to 0.350" wide and height between 0.155" to 0.185" high, making it perfectly suited for Corning SST-Drop™ flat cable dimensions.

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