Meet the New Market Leader in Precision Timing

Get highly accurate time to market solutions with ADVA OSA 3300-HP. With 10 year longevity and powerful GNSS backup modules - OSA 3300-HP is designed for precision synchronization and unparalleled stability.

Providing the resilience and availability required for PNT assurance in critical infrastructure, the OSA 3300-HP is the market's only high-performance optical cesium clock.

Check out these benefits:

  • State-of-the-art Technology - The coreSync™ OSA 3300-HP has a mature technology, designed for those who need an accurate and stable network timing system, who are looking for a solution able to meet the next generation needs.
  • Durability - the OSA 3300-HP provides longer lifetimes than other technologies, reducing your spending on hardware.
  • Higher Accuracy - Unmatched higher accuracy than other solutions on the market today means higher stability and better precision, while increased quantum stability.
  • Improved Productivity - It enables a major leap in network timing accuracy and stability, providing better frequency and phase synchronization than other solutions on the market today.
  • Improved Security - With high-level security protection against GNSS cyberattacks, our cesium atomic clock is much safer to use than current cesium standards.

Watch Gareth Spence talk to Oscilloquartz’s Dr. Patrick Berthoud about the launch of the company’s OSA 3300-HP on the video below.

“As well as meeting new sync requirements, our OSA 3300-HP will help simplify operations with its easy-to-use GUI for intuitive configuration and operation. These devices will support advances in a host of different technology fields. Able to meet the most demanding applications in data centers, financial networks, smart grids, transportation, metrology, scientific research and more, they will also be a foundation for future innovation as we continue to expand the boundaries of possibility for accuracy and stability.”
Patrick Berthoud, time and frequency chief scientist at Oscilloquartz, ADVA.

Achieve high accuracy and stability with the Industry's First High-Performance Optical Cesium Atomic Clock. Get in contact us with us for a demo! 

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