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The WiFi Advisor is a wireless LAN analyzer that empowers technicians at all skill levels to install, optimize, and troubleshoot WiFi networks effectively. It offers a range of features and benefits to improve network performance, reduce trouble calls, and educate customers. With an intuitive interface and comprehensive reporting capabilities, the WiFi Advisor ensures a reliable and high-performing WiFi experience for end users.

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The WiFi Advisor is a cutting-edge wireless LAN analyzer designed specifically for installers of all skill levels. It offers a comprehensive set of features and benefits that improve WiFi performance, reduce trouble calls, and optimize network throughput.

Key Features:

  • Site performance report educates customers: The WiFi Advisor generates detailed reports that provide customers with a clear understanding of their network’s performance, allowing them to make informed decisions and troubleshoot issues more effectively.
  • TrueMargin™ optimizes WiFi site throughput: By determining the real Layer 3 throughput margin, the WiFi Advisor helps you assess network resiliency and reduce trouble calls and truck rolls.
  • Intuitive and easy user interface recommends best channel and optimization steps: The user-friendly interface guides technicians, even those with limited WiFi knowledge, in selecting optimal channels and taking necessary optimization steps for improved performance.
  • Highly-configurable radio supports 2.4 G 802.11b/g/n and 5 G 802.11a/n/ac up to 3×3 with MIMO: The WiFi Advisor is compatible with a wide range of WiFi standards, allowing you to assess and optimize networks operating on different frequencies and technologies.
  • Associates job- or work-ticket information with site assessment results for export to StrataSync for storage and analysis: The WiFi Advisor integrates seamlessly with the StrataSync platform, enabling easy storage, analysis, and management of site assessment results.


  • Improves Quality of Experience (QoE) and reduces trouble calls and repeats: By providing rapid characterization, optimization, and troubleshooting capabilities, the WiFi Advisor ensures a reliable and high-performing WiFi network, resulting in satisfied end users.
  • Reduces mean-time-to-repair: With its intuitive interface and troubleshooting capabilities, even WiFi novices can quickly identify and resolve issues, minimizing downtime and reducing repair time.
  • Assesses a wide range of end-user device classes: The WiFi Advisor is compatible with various devices, allowing you to assess the performance and compatibility of different client devices in the network.
  • Educates customers about true performance: The WiFi Advisor generates comprehensive reports that inform customers about their network’s performance, setting proper expectations and reducing unnecessary support calls.
  • Enables test conformance and repeatability across your workforce: With its standardized testing approach, the WiFi Advisor ensures consistent results across your technicians, improving efficiency and maintaining high-quality installations.


  • WiFi troubleshooting and optimization: Quickly identify and resolve WiFi issues, ensuring optimal network performance.
  • Whole-home WiFi performance mapping and throughput analysis: Assess the performance of WiFi networks throughout a home, optimizing coverage and throughput.
  • Wireless IPTV service installation: Ensure reliable and high-quality IPTV service over WiFi by optimizing network performance and identifying sources of degradation.
  • End-user education: Educate customers about their network’s performance and limitations, reducing support calls and improving customer satisfaction.