Traffic Generator

ByteBlower Traffic generator

ByteBlower is the cost-efficient traffic generator/analyser of Excentis. It is a flexible and scalable solution to use in operational networks or in a lab environment to assess performance and stability of networks and network equipment.

IP testing has never been easier. This traffic generator/analyzer helps you quickly assess the performance and stability of IP networks and network equipment. This all-in-one solution includes server, GUI and API client software, licenses and support at surprisingly low cost. It is available in different models, including packages to assess 10 Gbit Ethernet networks at dazzling speed.

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ByteBlower is the cost-efficient traffic generator/analyser of Excentis.

Key Features and Benefits:

  •  Real-world network behavior on the transport layer
  • One client can control multiple servers, independent of the ByteBlower model
  • Share one server with multiple users
  • Simulation of a large number of hosts on one or multiple physical interfaces
  • Fixed port address or dynamic addressing using DHCP or stateless address auto-configuration
  • Packet loss measurements
  • Latency, latency distribution and jitter measurements
  • Testing NAT-ed devices
  • Capture transmitted and received traffic for debugging