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Observer Apex

Centrally Manage End-User Experience, Performance and Security

Observer Apex offers comprehensive real-time visibility into critical IT resources, whether in the data center core, network edge, or cloud. It provides a centralized point to troubleshoot performance issues with advanced End-User Experience Scoring and out of box workflows. For network security, Apex strengthens defenses aiding investigations of incidents of concern (IOC) or confirmed security breaches while providing in-depth post-event forensics. It also offers profiling of each device and host so IT teams can quickly assess what is communicating on the network and what they are saying while also enabling active defense threat hunting.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • End-User Experience Scoring
    Machine learning powered end-user experience scoring for every network transaction with intelligently rolled-up values at the dashboard site level. Scores are color-coded and range from 0 (worst experience) to 10 (best experience) with corresponding problem domain highlighted. Integrated with out-of-the-box workflows and site-based views, the scoring empowers engineers to quickly identify, prioritize, and solve service issues.
  • Threat Map with Security Workflows
    Integrated threat map offers IT teams global, real-time visibility into the current security risk vectors that are potentially impacting IT resources and users. IT teams can quickly gain situational awareness and initiate rapid response actions with targeted workflows or hunting efforts based on severity assessments.
  • Site Dashboards and Workflows
    Geolocation-based dashboards provide global intelligence of IT service health at the regional, country, city, or data center levels, with even more granularity to individual service groups such as accounting. When combined with end user experience scoring, IT teams can gain instant world-wide situational awareness of all resources and then, when required quickly drill down to an individual user for rapid problem resolution.
  • On-Demand Multi-Tier Application Intelligence
    On-demand application dependency mapping offers fast discovery of app interdependencies. Maps are built automatically to display complex relationships with simple clarity. This allows users to determine worst connections, app tiers, and network delay threshold deviations, while sorting all connections by status; critical, marginal, and acceptable.
  • Host/Device Traffic Profiling
    Define groups of critical or at-risk assets like point-of-sale or ATMs; then gain instant visibility via alerts when exception activities or sessions not defined in white list rules are detected on these existing or new devices
  • Complimentary, Custom Dashboard Assistance
    We provide complimentary, custom dashboard assistance to help you get the most out of Apex. These dashboards help you gain actionable insights into your network infrastructure, including web collaboration services, remote user monitoring and much more.
  • Threat Hunting
    Breaches are a given in today’s IT, passive defense strategies like firewalls, IDS/IPS, and SIEMs are necessary but no longer enough to protect critical resources—especially the organization’s crown jewels. IT teams need active defense capabilities like threat hunting to easily perform investigations of potential adversaries that have already gained access anywhere in the environment—real-time or post-event. Comprehensive detection of suspicious north/south or east/west traffic ensures rapid containment and then elimination of the threat.
  • New IP Viewer
    By compiling Layer 2 to Layer 3 insights into a single enriched flow record, Observer can produce unique, interactive visualizations that illustrate the relationships between User, IP, MAC, and application usage in the network. A NetOps or SecOps user can simply enter a name enter in a username and immediately find all devices, interfaces, and applications associated with it. Finding out what’s connected and who’s communicating across your network has never been easier.

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