Choose the right OTDR for your job

There are a wide number of OTDR models available, addressing different test and measurement needs. Choosing the right OTDR isn’t always about knowing the in-depth OTDR specifications, a good knowledge of the application and the answer to some basic questions can be all you need:

  • What kind of networks will you be testing? LAN, FTTH/PON, metro, long haul?
  • What fiber type will you be testing? Multimode or single-mode?
  • What is the maximum distance you might have to test? 700 m, 25 km, 150 km?
  • What kind of measurements will you perform? Construction (acceptance testing), troubleshooting, in-service?

Viavi SmartOTDR in action

To help navigate the wide range of OTDR test solutions available, VIAVI OTDR selector tool will help guide you to the right OTDR Test solution for your needs. Start by simply selecting your application from the five categories and answer the questions to proceed to your ideal OTDR test solution.

If you require more information or prefer to talk to someone, you can still call us on 1800 COVERTEL (1800 268 378) or send us an email at

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