Tackling the increasing network challenges of a remote workforce

With an unprecedented number of people around the globe working from home, we have hurriedly become reliant on tele and video conferencing apps and, very often, need to access critical applications. Unfortunately, these apps are especially sensitive to poor quality network conditions

Ideally we need minimum disruption to service, so how can we enable this technology shift to achieve this?

In the past when applications under perform, the network is often at the centre of most of these problems and a simple fix would be to throw more bandwidth at it. But due to demand for services and applications, this may no longer be the answer.

Where do we go from here?

The best way to ensure your network works well for your users is to create a testing program that uses a tool called a WAN emulator. This tool, like Calnex’s SNE, allows network teams to create realistic network conditions that can be repeated and tested to make sure everything works as it should. The WAN emulator is used in a lab setting, so it won’t affect the actual network and cause any problems for users. By using this tool, organisations can better understand and improve their network performance for a better user experience.

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Get predictable infrastructure performance with Calnex SNE Network Emulator

To put it simply, WAN emulators can help organisations predict how their devices, services, and applications will work in different network conditions. By using these emulators, organisations can prepare for even the worst-case scenarios and troubleshoot any potential problems. This is important because it allows organisations to be ready for any situation, whether it’s a global crisis or just day-to-day operations.

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