Stay home and learn something new!

“Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.” – Alan Moore

At the moment, we are all faced with uncertainties, which have been brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the pandemic, we have been advised to practice social distancing and have found ourselves spending more time at home than ever before.

Despite the challenges that this situation presents, this is an ideal time to focus on personal and professional development. Learning new skills not only enhances our abilities, but it also boosts self-confidence, which is particularly important during times of uncertainty. In addition, investing in personal and professional development can have a positive impact on mental health, as it provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

This is particularly relevant for businesses and organisations that have been impacted by the pandemic and are looking for ways to adapt and succeed in this new environment. By investing in the development of their team members, businesses can equip their employees with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in challenging times.

You may feel like learning something about fibre optics or the technology that brings broadband to your home.

We have a couple of FREE online training courses to get you started.

The first course is an overview aimed at beginners and even non-technical people.

The second is aimed at people wanting a good technical understanding of fibre, it’s components, design, construction and testing.

We also have other online courses. Feel free to browse through our training portfolio. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us on 03 9381 7888 or contact us here.

This is only temporary and we’ll get through it!

Stay at home and learn something new!

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