Motion Sensor

The Motion Sensor  is a high-quality security accessory that seamlessly integrates with your existing system. With its plug and play design, it offers convenient installation and reliable detection capabilities. Powered by the base unit (BASE-WIRED), it eliminates the need for separate power connections. Featuring digital signal analysis and temperature compensation, it ensures accurate and consistent detection of human infrared energy across a broad range of temperatures. Its compact and lightweight form factor, along with its wide certification and industrial-grade performance, make it an ideal choice for enhancing the security of any space.

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The Motion Sensor is a powerful and reliable security accessory designed to enhance the functionality of your existing security system. With its advanced features and versatile design, it is the perfect fit for all your security needs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Seamless Integration: The Motion Sensor easily plugs into the base unit (BASE-WIRED), allowing for a hassle-free setup and smooth integration with your existing security system.
  • Convenient Power Source: Powered directly by the base unit (BASE-WIRED), the Motion Sensor eliminates the need for separate power connections, simplifying installation and reducing clutter.
  • Flexible Mounting Options: This sensor is OU and rack mountable, providing you with versatile mounting choices that suit your specific requirements. It can be conveniently positioned to maximize coverage and effectiveness.
  • Plug and Play: The Motion Sensor is a plug and play device, ensuring quick and straightforward installation. You can easily set it up without the need for complex configurations or technical expertise.
  • Enhanced Detection Technology: With digital signal analysis, this sensor delivers consistent and reliable detection throughout its coverage pattern. It ensures accurate detection of human infrared (IR) energy across a broad range of temperatures, minimizing false alarms.
  • Temperature Compensation: The Motion Sensor features digital temperature compensation, which optimizes catch performance at critical temperature levels. This ensures reliable detection even in challenging environmental conditions.

Technical Specifications:

Industrial Grade Performance: The Motion Sensor is an industrial-grade accessory that delivers superior performance and reliability. Its digital signal analysis technology ensures consistent detection, providing you with peace of mind.

Power Usage: With a power usage of only 456 mW, this sensor is energy-efficient, minimizing power consumption without compromising on its effectiveness.

Wide Certification: The Motion Sensor has obtained multiple certifications, including ULC, C-tick, INCERT, CCC, CE, and UL, ensuring its compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Operating Temperature Range: Designed to withstand varying environmental conditions, this sensor operates flawlessly within a temperature range of 0°C to +75°C (32°F to +167°F).

Humidity Tolerance: The Motion Sensor is capable of operating and storing in humidity levels below 90% rH, ensuring reliable performance in different environments.

Compact and Lightweight: With dimensions of 71 mm (2.8″) x 68 mm (2.7″) x 23 mm (0.9″) and weighing just 0.43kg (0.9 lbs.), this sensor is compact and lightweight, allowing for easy installation and discreet placement.