Water Spot Sensor

Detects presence of water on surfaces

The Water Spot Sensor is a compact and versatile device that detects water presence in areas where traditional water leak sensors cannot be deployed. With its easy integration, reliable power source, and multi-alert system, it ensures accurate and timely detection of water contact. The sensor triggers an alert when water makes contact with its two metal rods and can be used to monitor water levels in critical applications. With a durable construction and easy maintenance, this sensor provides a WET/DRY indication and operates within a wide temperature range.

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The Water Spot Sensor is a versatile and reliable device designed for detecting water presence in areas where traditional water leak sensors cannot be deployed. With its advanced features and benefits, it ensures that you stay informed and protected against water damage.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Integration: The Water Spot Sensor conveniently plugs into the base unit (BASE-WIRED), allowing for easy setup and connection to your existing monitoring system.
  • Hassle-Free Power Source: Powered by the base unit (BASE-WIRED), the sensor eliminates the need for separate batteries or external power supply, ensuring continuous and reliable operation.
  • Multi-Alert System: Be alerted instantly through various channels including SNMP Traps, email, SMS, or voice calls, providing you with multiple options to stay informed of any water detection events.
  • Precise Water Detection: This sensor triggers an alert as soon as water comes into contact with its two metal rods, guaranteeing accurate and timely detection of water presence in the monitored area.
  • Tailored Applications: The Water Spot Sensor is typically used in applications where monitoring water levels is critical, enabling you to keep track and ensure water does not reach a certain level.


Technical Specifications:

Power Source: SensorGateway (BASE-WIRED)
Power Usage: 288 mW
Trigger: Two metal rods must make contact with water to trigger the sensor
Standard Cleaning Method: Simply wipe with a clean damp cloth for easy maintenance
Data Output: Provides a clear WET/DRY indication in SensorGateway, making it easy to interpret and act upon water detection events.

Environmental and Physical Specification:

Operating Temperature Range: Designed to operate flawlessly within a wide temperature range of 0ºC to +75ºC (32ºF to +167ºF), ensuring reliable performance in various environments.
Sturdy and Durable Construction: The sensor housing is made of IP65-rated plastic, providing protection against dust and water ingress. The RJ45 cable gland is rated IP68, ensuring additional waterproofing measures.
Compact and Lightweight: With dimensions of 65 mm (2.5″) x 95 mm (3.74″) x 55 mm (2.16″) and a weight of only 0.57 kgs (1.26 lbs.), the Water Spot Sensor is designed to be space-saving and easy to handle.