IBflex Scanning Receiver

The IBflex® scanning receiver is a compact and powerful test equipment that has the ability to test multiple technologies and frequency bands at the same time. It is ideal for the deployment of 5G networks using sub-6 GHz spectrum, ensuring the proper functioning of public safety coverage, optimizing small cell deployments in densely populated areas, and enhancing the dependability of (Internet of Things) IoT systems. The device also boasts low power consumption and a hot-swap battery system, making it an ideal choice for technicians who need to perform walk testing or interference hunting over extended periods.

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In the past, scanning receivers with high performance were mainly used for outdoor drive testing. However, today, most wireless communication takes place indoors. This makes indoor networks more complex, as they often serve multiple wireless operators and technologies, as well as provide WiFi access. As a result, the need for accurate and flexible network testing equipment has become even more critical.

The traditional scanning receivers, however, are not designed to be carried around and used all day during indoor walk tests. The IBflex scanning receiver is specifically designed for indoor and small-cell testing. With its comprehensive testing capabilities, IBflex can help you quickly identify and solve problems that affect network performance. Its features, including WiFi readings, are designed to make walk tests more efficient.

By using IBflex’s enhanced measurements, you can improve coverage and capacity, ensure customer satisfaction, and increase the revenue potential of your indoor wireless networks. Although IBflex is optimized for indoor walk tests, it is still fully functional for outdoor or drive tests without sacrificing accuracy or performance.

The IBflex supports LTE FDD, TD-LTE, UMTS [WCDMA/HSPA(+)], GSM, CDMA,
EV-DO, and TD-SCDMA, plus WiFi operating bands currently deployed around the world.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Minimize testing time with simultaneous use of seven cellular technologies, plus WiFi
  • Test anywhere in the world with frequency bands from 10 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Full speed and accuracy function during outdoor and drive testing
  • Power Save mode for in-building walk tests maintains performance and extends battery life
  • Improve time utilization by discovering all active channels using Blind Scan
  • Optimize signal quality by identifying and eliminating quality-robbing interferers
  • Simplify out of country shipping as a US export license is not required
  • Complete projects Quickly with extended working windows
  • Reduce user fatigue during walk testing for DAS and small cell deployment
  • Maximize LTE throughput with a complete set of LTE scanner measurements
  • Choose from multiple as platforms to collect RF data based on specific needs
  • Control and manage the scanner with flexible connectivity
  • Store data easily across multiple devices
  • Connect with Bluetooth® or USB