SignalShark Remote Analyzer Stand-Alone

Real-Time Spectrum Monitoring Unit

The SignalShark is a powerful and versatile spectrum monitoring unit that offers superior performance for detecting, analyzing, classifying, and localizing RF signals across a frequency range of 8 kHz to 8 GHz. Its 40 MHz real-time bandwidth captures even very short-pulsed signals, ensuring that you don’t miss a thing. Equipped with an excellent RF front-end, four switchable RF inputs, and an independent receiver path, the SignalShark remote analyzer version offers comprehensive measurement solutions for complex tasks. It also supports automatic direction finding and time difference of arrival (TDOA) for precise signal localization. With its compact size and easy integration into any software environment, the SignalShark is an excellent choice for both mobile and stationary use. Whether you’re monitoring a wideband frequency range, detecting hidden signals, or localizing interference signals, the SignalShark provides unparalleled measurement solutions.

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The SignalShark is an exceptional spectrum monitoring unit that boasts superior performance and comprehensive measurement solutions for the increasingly complex RF spectrum. Its 40 MHz real-time bandwidth captures the spectrum of even very short-pulsed signals with a POI of 100%, guaranteeing a consistent awareness of all spectrum events. Equipped with an excellent RF front-end, the SignalShark provides four switchable RF inputs and operates as a super-fast spectrum analyzer in Scan mode. The FFTs of up to 16,384 points are computed with at least 75% overlap, making it possible to reliably detect every signal event, even if it is extremely short and infrequent.

The remote analyzer version of the SignalShark is designed for remote control applications and can be easily mounted in a 19″ rack or a tight corner of a vehicle, thanks to its compact size. Its well-documented SCPI reference commands and VITA 49 compliant I/Q streaming allow easy integration into every software environment.

The SignalShark also features an independent receiver path with freely selectable center frequency and channel bandwidth within the 40 MHz real-time bandwidth. The receiver path is equipped with functions for channel level measurements, modulation analysis, audio demodulation, and I/Q streaming.

Moreover, the SignalShark supports the use of Narda automatic direction-finding antennas (ADFA), achieving bearing cycles as short as 1.2 ms. The integrated map and localization software allows reliable homing-in on the signal, even in an urban environment. It’s an excellent choice for every localization system based on TDOA, thanks to precise timestamp synchronization and Vita 49 I/Q streaming. The reference clock can be selected from the PPS signal of the internal GNSS receiver, or that of the ADFA’s GNSS receiver, or from a dedicated PPS input.

The SignalShark’s powerful CPU can run third-party software and scripts, making it easy to extend the capabilities of the SignalShark or to build up a customized stand-alone system. Whether you’re making a wideband measurement of an entire frequency range, detecting hidden signals, or localizing interference signals, the SignalShark provides unparalleled measurement solutions that are ideal for both mobile and stationary use.

Key Features and Benefits:

The Narda SignalShark is a Signal Analyzer that can detect, analyze, classify, and locate radio frequency (RF) signals in a wide range between 8 kHz and 8 GHz. It can be used both mobile and stationary. It’s great for finding signals and figuring out what they are. It can also help pinpoint where the signals are coming from. This spectrum monitoring unit has excellent RF performance, which means it can quickly and reliably solve complicated measurement and analysis tasks. Plus, it runs on Windows 10 based open platform and supports 3rd party applications.

  • Frequency range 8 kHz to 8 GHz
  • 40 MHz Real-Time instantaneous bandwidth
  • Extremely fast Scan Rate of up to 50 GHz/s
  • FFT overlap up to 87.5 %
  • FFT size: up to 16.384
  • 100 % POI for signals longer than 3.125 µs
  • ITU-compliant measurements and applications
  • SCPI Remote Control
  • VITA 49 Streaming (up to 25.6 MHz Sample Rate)
  • Modular design o Stand-alone brick
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Receiver
  • 19’’ Rack, 1HU (single / double)
  • German designed and manufactured

To download available software and firmware updates, watch videos or more information, please visit the Narda STS website here.