ETT 10 Telephone and Exchange Tester

The Telephone & Exchange Tester ETT 10 is a powerful testing device that allows technicians and engineers in the telecommunications industry to evaluate the performance of various telecommunication systems, including subscriber lines, exchanges, PABXs, telephone sets, fax machines, and meter pulse counters. It has three basic operation modes, including TEL MODE, EXCH MODE, and LINE MODE, which enable users to measure various parameters such as DC and AC voltages, resistance, capacitance, meter pulse parameters, and DTMF parameters. The ETT 10 is designed to be easy to use and is suitable for non-technical personnel to operate and understand. It is a reliable and accurate device that helps businesses and organizations keep their telecommunication systems functioning optimally.

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Telephone and Exchange Tester ETT 10

The Telephone & Exchange Tester ETT 10 is a versatile telecommunications test equipment designed to meet your testing needs. Whether you need to test subscriber lines, exchanges, PABXs, or subscriber telephone sets and other terminal equipment like fax machines and meter pulse counters, the ETT 10 has got you covered.

Key Features:

  • Three Operation Modes: The ETT 10 offers three operation modes to cover different testing requirements:
    • LINE Mode: Measures line voltages and allows observation of DTMF, MP, and Tone signals on the line.
    • EXCH Mode: Tests exchange parameters, including DC and AC voltages, off-hook test, and meter pulse measurements.
    • TEL Mode: Measures subscriber line and telephone set parameters, such as DC and AC voltages, resistance, capacitance, ring test, and more.


  • Remote Diagnostics Capability: The ETT 10 enables remote testing of the line-subscriber section from the exchange side, line-exchange section from the subscriber site, and any section from an intermediate junction box. This capability allows for quick fault location and elimination without the need for technicians to visit subscriber sites or junction boxes, saving time and resources.
  • Efficient Troubleshooting: By accurately testing the EXCH-LINE-TEL sections responsible for most failures, the ETT 10 helps technicians identify breakdown spots and determine if the failure source lies within the exchange, subscriber site, or line (local loop). This efficient troubleshooting procedure simplifies fault diagnosis and resolution.
  • Comprehensive Testing: With its wide range of measurement parameters, including DC and AC voltages, resistance, capacitance, ring test, DP and DTMF parameters, and meter pulse generation, the ETT 10 provides comprehensive testing capabilities for subscriber lines, exchanges, and terminal equipment. It helps ensure line and equipment quality, allowing you to deliver reliable telecom services to your customers.
  • Ease of Use: The ETT 10 automatically evaluates and classifies most test results, providing clear OK or ER? display indications. This user-friendly interface simplifies the testing process and allows technicians to quickly interpret the results.


Measuring Modes: LINE mode (DC voltage, AC voltage), EXCH mode (DC voltage, AC voltage, off-hook test, meter pulse receive), TEL mode (DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance, capacitance, ring test, off-hook test, DP test, DTMF test, meter pulse transmit)
Rated Line Voltage: 270 Vp in AC/DC voltage measurement mode, 70 Vp in OFF-HOOK mode
DC Voltage Measurement: Termination: high impedance, Voltage range: ±1 to 200 V
AC Voltage Measurement: Termination: high impedance, Voltage range: 2 to 180 Veff, Frequency range: 20 to 200 Hz
And more (please refer to the provided specifications for a complete list)