GP-Cloud Advanced GNSS Spoofing/Jamming/Interference Detection

The GP-Cloud is an AI-powered app designed for real-time GNSS signal quality analysis and advanced interference detection. It offers sophisticated features, such as GNSS spoofing and jamming detection, localization, and logging. With support for various protocols and seamless integration, GP-Cloud keeps you informed about all GNSS incidents and helps you stay ahead of potential threats. It’s a comprehensive solution that ensures accurate and reliable GNSS data for critical infrastructure monitoring and protection.

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The GP-Cloud is a cutting-edge AI-powered app designed to provide true real-time GNSS signal quality analysis, interference detection, and classification. This comprehensive solution ensures you stay ahead of GNSS threats, making it an ideal fit for individuals and organisations that rely on accurate and reliable GNSS data.

Key Features:

  • GNSS Anomalies Detection: The GP-Cloud employs neural network-based algorithms to detect sophisticated synchronous GNSS spoofing attacks, jammers, and other GNSS signal anomalies. This enables you to identify potential threats promptly and take appropriate action.
  • GNSS Quality Monitoring: Experience enhanced accuracy and reliability as GP-Cloud estimates time/position accuracy and calculates GNSS signal quality metrics for each constellation individually. This ensures you always have access to the most precise GNSS data.
  • Enterprise-grade Application: GPSPATRON’s team has developed GP-Cloud with the most advanced software tools, ensuring real-time operation under high-load conditions. Each GP-Probe generates over 1500MB of data every day, guaranteeing a robust and reliable performance.
  • 3rd-Party Support: Seamlessly connect all your RTK base stations or GNSS probes/receivers using RTCM, NMEA, Septentrio SBF protocols over NTRIP. This broad compatibility allows you to integrate GP-Cloud into your existing infrastructure effortlessly.
  • Data Logging: GP-Cloud stores a wealth of essential parameters for all visible satellites, including pseudorange, carrier phase, Doppler, residual, CN0, DOPs, satellite position, accuracy, quality, spoofing/jamming probability, and more. This rich data ensures in-depth analysis and post-incident investigations.
  • API Integration: Powerfully enhance your operations with GP-Cloud’s API, accompanied by comprehensive documentation in Swagger. Integrate the solution seamlessly into your workflows and systems, maximizing its capabilities.


  • Comprehensive GNSS Incident Overview: GP-Cloud keeps you informed about all GNSS incidents in real-time, providing you with detailed insights into potential threats and issues.
  • Stay Ahead of GNSS Threats: With advanced GNSS spoofing/jamming detection and classification, GP-Cloud empowers you to proactively address threats and vulnerabilities before they can cause harm.
  • Streamlined User Interface: Enjoy the convenience of monitoring true real-time GNSS signal quality analysis, interference detection, RF spectrum, and PPS accuracy monitoring, all from a single user-friendly interface.
  • Improve Protection Strategies: By conducting post-analysis of registered incidents, you can develop effective methods of protection against GNSS spoofing and jamming, enhancing the security of your GNSS-dependent systems.
  • Monitor Critical Infrastructure: GP-Cloud is particularly valuable for monitoring and protecting GNSS-dependent critical infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted and accurate positioning data.