GP-Probe TGE2 GNSS Spoofing Detection Device

The GP-Probe TGE2 is a GNSS Spoofing Detection Device that helps safeguard time servers from various GNSS-related hazards, including advanced forms of spoofing, jamming, and ionospheric scintillation, among others. It also includes a feature for measuring phase errors in the PPS signal, which helps ensure the time server is functioning properly. When used in combination with the GP-Cloud, the GP-Probe enables the creation of a highly reliable and resilient clock synchronization system for critical infrastructure.

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The GP-Probe TGE2 is a device specifically designed to protect time servers (PNT) from various threats related to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). These threats include cutting-edge forms of intentional spoofing, where false signals are transmitted to the time server to mislead it, jamming, where signals are blocked or overpowered, and ionospheric scintillation, which refers to fluctuations in the ionosphere that can cause errors in the signals received by the time server. It also protects against other system errors that may occur.

An important aspect of the GP-Probe TGE2 is its embedded PPS (pulse-per-second) phase error measurement function. This feature allows for reliable monitoring of the time server’s performance, by measuring the phase errors in the PPS signal, that is used to synchronize time. This measurement helps ensure that the time server is operating correctly, and if it detects any errors, it can alert the user to take necessary actions.

The GP-Probe TGE2 can be used in conjunction with the GP-Cloud, which is a cloud-based system that allows for remote monitoring and management of the time servers. This combination allows for the development of a robust and resilient clock synchronization system for critical infrastructure such as power grids, transportation systems, and communication networks. This is essential as these systems rely on accurate time synchronization to function properly. The GP-Probe TGE2 and GP-Cloud together provide a reliable and secure solution to protect these systems from GNSS threats and ensure accurate time synchronization.

Key Features:

  • Three RF channels for intentional, coherent GNSS spoofing detection
  • RF signal analyzer with 60MHz real-time bandwidth for spectrum monitoring, interference classification and localization with TDOA
  • Form factor: 19-inch rack, half-size
  • Dual power module: 110 – 220 AC, 18 – 75 DC
  • Embedded 4G modem for data transferring to the GP-Cloud
  • Optional GP-Blocker with an embedded noise generator suppresses the most powerful counterfeit signals
  • PPS input for the external time server health checking. The GP-Probe measures the time offset between internal and external PPS
  • Supported GNSS: GPS/QZSS L1 C/A, GLONASS L10F, BeiDou B1I, Galileo E1B/C, SBAS L1 C/A: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN
  • Embedded real-time operating system FreeRTOS guarantees high availability, reliability, and cybersecurity
  • The GP-Probe boots 3 seconds after power up!
  • Secure firmware auto-update engine. Update all connected GP-Probes in 40 seconds!