SignalTEK CT Data Cable Transmission Tester

SignalTEK Data Cable Tester

SignalTEK CT from Ideal allows you to produce PDF test reports that proves installed links run at Gigabit Ethernet transmission rates.

If you install or maintain data cabling, this is a cost-effective way to demonstrate that the copper cabling was installed accurately and is capable of supporting Ethernet applications. This Data Cable Transmission Tester also gives network owners the confirmation that installed cabling will support bandwidth-hungry services like VoIP, IP CCTV, and video spilling taking after moves includes and changes.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Tests wiremap & bi-directional data transmission of data cables using actual Gigabit data for supreme accuracy
  • Uses Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) to detect opens and shorts to the individual conductor, preventing poor transmission and network downtime
  • Automatic generation of PDF reports to prove that your installed data cables can carry Gigabit Ethernet traffic at full speed with no errors, and confirms correct wiremap results.
  • Gigabit performance test to the IEEE802.3ab Ethernet standard
  • Dual handset operation allows the testing to be initiated from either end of the connection and carried out by a single person