The DNWP Dynanet product family offers a versatile and flexible solution for 2 Mbit/s primary access networks. With high-quality, modular components, it caters to both small and large-scale deployments, ensuring an ideal fit for various network expansion needs. The product family includes essential equipment like DM2, DB2, and DN2, providing efficient multiplexing, branching, and network node capabilities. Additionally, Dynanet interface units offer seamless integration with existing transmission systems, while the TPS64 teleprotection system ensures secure signaling in power networks. With DNWP’s element and network management systems, users can easily configure, manage, and monitor their networks for optimal performance. The product’s lifetime extension feature guarantees the longevity of customers’ networks, keeping them up and running without interruption.


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DNWP’s Dynanet

The Dynanet product line by Dedicated Network Partners Oy is a versatile and reliable solution for 2 Mbit/s primary access networks. Designed to meet the needs of both small and large-scale deployments, Dynanet offers a range of features and benefits that make it an ideal fit for various network expansion and support requirements.

  • DM2 – Primary Multiplex Equipment:
    • Multiplexes analog voice, signaling, and data channels into a common 2 Mbit/s frame.
    • Ensures efficient utilization of the 2 Mbit/s connection and fault-tolerant loop networks.
    • Common multiplexer unit for all channel and special units of the DM2 system.
    • Benefit: Streamlined data transmission and fault-resilient networks for smooth operations.
  • DB2 – Branching Equipment:
    • Performs branching and drop/insert functions for individual channels.
    • Supports full set of interface units for dropping and inserting individual channels.
    • Fully digital operation with the branch and main line signals having the same speed and frame structure.
    • Benefit: Improved network efficiency and robust channel management for reliable data transmission.
  • DN2 – Network Node:
    • Efficient three-in-one node for network flexibility and reliability.
    • Provides cross-connect functionality down to 8 kbit/s level with drop/insert and multiplexing capabilities.
    • Supports up to 40 x 2 Mbit/s interfaces and implementation of loop and mesh networks.
    • Benefit: Enhanced network versatility and reliable cross-connection functions for seamless connectivity.
  • Dynanet Interface Units:
    • Provides interfaces to 2048 kbit/s transmission systems using Dynanet multiplexers.
    • Includes data interface units for commonly used data terminals and servers.
    • Offers voice interface units for subscriber and exchange access for telephony and E&M analog lines.
    • Benefit: Easy integration with existing transmission systems, ensuring smooth data and voice communication.
  • TPS64 – Teleprotection System:
    • Enables transmission of teleprotection signals in power networks.
    • Used with a digital telecommunication network like Dynanet or Connection Master.
    • Dedicated control unit and channel units for reliable and secure teleprotection signal transmission.
    • Benefit: Ensures seamless and safe power network operation with precise teleprotection signaling.
  • ACL2ti – SHDSL Line Terminal:
    • Supports data transmission over copper pairs from nx64 kbit/s up to 2 Mbit/s access.
    • Provides transparent or G.704 frame structure data conveyance.
    • Supports one or two network terminals, installed in any Dynanet subrack.
    • Benefit: Versatile copper line access for various data transmission needs with high reliability.

In addition to the above, the DNWP Dynanet offering includes a comprehensive set of subracks, power units, cables, and accessories, ensuring you have everything you need for a complete and effective network solution.

Furthermore, DNWP offers robust element and network management systems, enabling efficient configuration, fault management, performance monitoring, and end-to-end circuit provisioning for seamless network operation and maintenance. The DNWP Dynanet is the predecessor of Connection Master, which has been serving Nokia customers worldwide for over 20 years.

With DNWP Dynanet’s lifetime extension capabilities, you can rest assured that your networks will stay up and running with optimized performance and minimal downtime.