XRA-31 DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer

DOCSIS® MAC Made Visible

XRA-31 DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer

The XRA-31 DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer allows you to capture and analyze all packets transmitted between DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems and CMTS. By providing you the necessary metadata and decoding on the captured packets, you will be able to perform a much faster root cause analysis,  verify the compliancy of your system to the standards quicker and debug networks in both lab and field environment.

Since the XRA-31 demodulates all downstream and upstream packets real-time, you have immediate feedback on the quality of the capture. Furthermore the packets are immediately available for analysis, no secondary demodulation or parsing steps needed. This real-time demodulation and filtering provides enormous benefits.

Due to its unique real-time demodulation feature the packets and RF metadata are instantly available, meaning that no time is wasted anymore on hours of postprocessing. Captures are saved in the open and industry standard pcap format. This means traces can be easily filtered, processed and analyzed in Wireshark. Analysis can be done on any system, so the XRA-31 is freed for more debugging and troubleshooting work. Since no special software is required for analysis, you can share traces with third party vendors or customers.


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Excentis’ XRA-31 DOCSIS Protocol Analyser analyses all upstream and downstream communications allowing you to gain insight into your MAC Layer.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Both DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 protocols
  • All DOCSIS 3.1 signal configurations
    • 2xOFDM up to 192 MHz
    • 2x OFDMA up to 96 MHz
    • SC-QAM
    • all modulations up to 4096 QAM
  • 85 MHz-1218 MHz DS and 5-204 MHz US
  • Multiple profiles, mixed mode profiles, profile changes
  • Filter capture on CM or message type
  • Control through API or web GUI
  • Traces in standard Wireshark format