Oscilloquartz unveils industry-first modular sync solution with 10G interfaces

CoverTel, in conjunction with their partner ADVA, are proud to present the OSA 5430, the first IEEE 1588 grandmaster clock device on the market to support PTP, NTP and SyncE over multiple 10Gbit/s Ethernet interfaces.

The OSA 5430 is designed to help network operators achieve the stringent phase and time synchronization requirements needed for LTE-TDD, LTE-A and 5G RAN networks. Optimized for deployment in the core, the metro and at centralized aggregation locations, the new device is the only synchronization solution of its kind to provide fully redundant hardware. This means that if one critical module fails, another instantly takes over, ensuring no loss of performance or service delivery.

With its modular design, the OSA 5430 can be customized to meet all requirements. The ability to swap pluggable components offers unprecedented agility. It also features built-in assurance functionality so that operations teams are alerted to any issues before services are affected.

READ: The OSA 5430 Data Sheet

WATCH: The OSA 5430 Video

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