Cut fibre test and certification times in half with VIAVI

The industry’s fastest automated bi-directional IL, ORL, and OTDR fibre certification solution

VIAVI has recently introduced a new  module named FiberComplete. This module has been designed to work in conjunction with VIAVI’s MTS-2000, MTS-4000, and MTS-4000 V2 devices.

FiberComplete has been specifically created to ensure that fibre optic cables are functioning correctly before services are turned on. This is an essential step in the deployment of fibre networks, as the proper certification of fibre is vital to ensuring that there are no early life service failures or delays.

In the world of fibre deployment, there is a balancing act between the time it takes to certify fibre during deployment and the risk of poor or delayed service turn-up. With FiberComplete, VIAVI aims to streamline this process, saving time and reducing the risk of future problems.

This new module helps to save time during the certification process. With FiberComplete, there is less need for people to inspect and reconnect the cables, which means it takes less time to check that everything is working correctly.

Using FiberComplete, the time it takes to complete a full suite of tests for bi-directional IL, ORL, and OTDR and generate a PDF report has been reduced to approximately two minutes and 40 seconds. This is significantly faster than the time it takes with other vendors, which is more than six minutes.

Would you like to see how the FiberComplete can save you time? Contact us here or call us on 1800 COVERTEL (1800 268 378) to speak to one of our friendly team members to book a demo.

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