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In recent years, network owners have been upgrading their fiber optic networks to use a technology called “parallel optics”. Parallel optics involves using multiple optical fibers within a single cable, which allows for more data to be transmitted at once. This is achieved using special connectors called MPO connectors, which can plug into multiple fibers at once, and ribbon fiber cables, which bundle multiple fibers together into a flat ribbon shape.

Parallel optics has been used for many years in the backbone of large networks, where high data rates and reliability are crucial. However, in recent years, network owners have started using parallel optics even in the parts of the network that are farther away from the main hub. This is because more and more devices are being connected to the network, and they require faster and more reliable connections in order to work properly. By upgrading their networks to use parallel optics, network owners can ensure that their networks can handle the increased demand for data and provide faster and more reliable connections to their users.

Our partner VIAVI Solutions has conducted a survey to learn more about the trends and challenges related to MPO connectivity. The survey included responses from many different people who work with these networks, including designers, installers, and operators. They work for both service providers (like internet or phone companies) and businesses that use fiber optic networks. The survey had many respondents, so the results should give us a good idea of what’s happening in the world of MPO connectivity.

Download the MPO Survey today to learn about how people who design, install, and operate fiber optic networks deal with the challenges of connecting multiple fibers together. The survey will give you valuable insights into the world of fiber optic networks and how they work.

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