Key developments related to DOCSIS 3.0 and beyond

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In today’s market, cable companies are facing significant challenges in meeting the demands of their customers. With the increasing need for high-speed internet access and advanced services, cable companies are under immense pressure to install and deploy DOCSIS 3.1 technology as quickly as possible.

This is because customers’ expectations have never been higher when it comes to the amount of bandwidth they require for their daily activities. This demand for greater bandwidth is driven by the rise of new technologies and services such as streaming video, online gaming, and cloud computing, which require high-speed connectivity.

Moreover, cable companies are facing stiff competition from new entrants in the market who offer alternative options to traditional cable services. These emerging players are leveraging new technologies to offer innovative services and greater value to customers, which puts pressure on cable companies to keep up with the pace of innovation.

Therefore, to remain competitive in the market, cable companies must invest in upgrading their infrastructure and adopting new technologies such as DOCSIS 3.1, which provides faster and more reliable internet connectivity. This will allow them to meet the growing demands of their customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Viavi provides performance analysis and troubleshooting solutions to help ensure the successful installation and maintenance of DOCSIS 3.1 technology. Their solutions are designed to help cable companies stay on top of the demands of their customers by providing the tools and support they need to ensure that their networks are operating efficiently.

One solution is the OneExpert™ CATV handheld tester, which is cloud-enabled through the StrataSync™ application. This tester offers complete fulfillment and service testing, which means that it can help identify and troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the installation and maintenance of DOCSIS 3.1 technology.

These innovative solution provides end-to-end coverage for your deployments. This means that it can help you identify issues at every stage of the deployment process, from installation to maintenance and beyond. With the StrataSync™ application, you can rest assured that your DOCSIS 3.1 technology is operating at its full potential.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Viavi can help you with your DOCSIS 3.1 deployments, you can download their infographic here. This infographic provides an overview of the benefits of using Viavi’s solutions, including how they can help you improve your network performance, reduce downtime, and increase customer satisfaction. If you prefer to speak to one of our friendly local team members, contact us here or call us on 1800 COVERTEL (1800 268 378)

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