What is VIAVI StrataSync?


StrataSync™ is a software application that is hosted on a cloud-based platform. It is designed to manage various types of VIAVI instruments, including asset, configuration, and test-data management. Essentially, StrataSync allows users to keep track of their equipment, test results, and performance data in one centralized location.

With StrataSync, users can access their data from anywhere with an internet connection, using a web browser. This makes it easy for technicians to manage their instruments and data, without needing to be physically present with the equipment. This improves technician efficiency by allowing them to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, reducing the need for travel, and streamlining their workflow.

Additionally, StrataSync helps improve instrument efficiency by providing tools for configuration and asset management. This helps ensure that instruments are set up correctly and are operating at their full potential, which can save time and reduce errors.

StrataSync is a powerful tool that can help organisations manage their VIAVI instruments and data with ease, while improving technician and instrument efficiency.

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Key Benefits:

  • No annual subscription with Stratasync Core
  • Simplified instrument management – ensure instruments are up to date with latest firmware, licenses, and options
  • Operational efficiencies – deploy test capabilities temporarily where needed
  • Manage both direct and contractor workforce with a single platform
  • Eliminate data/results lost with direct instrument upload, no more results handover via ftp, email, or USB stick

StrataSync is packed with useful features designed to make instrument management easier than ever. One of the key advantages of StrataSync is its cloud-enabled architecture, which provides easy network access, high scalability, and excellent availability. This ensures that users can always access their data, no matter where they are.

The Tech Portal feature is another valuable tool offered by StrataSync. This feature provides a personalized view that shows users only the instruments, options, and actions that are relevant to them. This helps to streamline the workflow, making it easier to manage multiple instruments at once.

The browser-based interface of StrataSync is also intuitive and easy to use. It allows users to track and upgrade instruments, display, print, store, and export test results. This makes it simple to keep track of all of the data related to their instruments, ensuring that nothing gets lost or overlooked.

StrataSync also includes complete asset management features, which can track not only VIAVI instruments but also other types of equipment. This helps to ensure that all equipment is properly managed and maintained.

The automated features of StrataSync are another valuable tool. These features can quickly and easily update instrument firmware, options, and configuration files. This saves time and helps to ensure that all instruments are operating at their full potential.

With StrataSync, technicians can also create templates and align them with instruments to ensure that they always have the correct configurations. Additionally, test results can be quickly uploaded to a centralized storage warehouse for analysis. This helps to benchmark service and provides insight into network performance, helping to identify areas for improvement.

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