Updated Software for Viavi T-BERD/MTS Instruments

Viavi has just released updated software for the MTS-8000E, MTS-6000A MSAM & CSAM and the MTS-5800. This new software version includes feature enhancements and several new options that enable you to test your network better than ever before!

No-cost feature enhancements:

  • OTN Check – Testing OTN has never been simpler with the OTN Check workflow! Easily configure test setups, save profiles, run tests, and create graphical reports just like in RFC 2544 and TrueSpeed. Available on all OTN rates and on all platforms.
  • Y.1564 SAMComplete Enhancements – New support for multiple stream and bi-directional IPv6 traffic types in the comprehensive and easy to use Y.1564 SAMComplete workflow
  • IEEE1588v2 PTP Enhancements – New support for time error measurement and pass/fail thresholds. Also you don't have to enable one of the backgrounds streams to start the PTP test anymore.
  • View Supported Rates for Optics – Ever wonder which rates an optic supports? Now the rates each optic supports are easily viewable on the SFP tab of the setup menu

New orderable options:

  • 10.1G CPRI – MTS-5800 (models number 5822P and 5811P) now supports 10.1G CPRI in addition to all the other CPRI rates.
  • CSAM SONET/SDH rates – Added OC-3/12/48 and STM-1/4/16 to CSAM. Now supports all SONET and SDH rates in addition to 10GE WAN
  • CSAM OTN rates – Added OTU1. The CSAM now supports all OTN rates
  • CSAM Fibre Channel rates – the CSAM now supports 1G, 2G, 4G, 8G, 10G, and 16G Fibre Channel
  • CSAM support for Packet Capture – the CSAM now supports packet capture at all rates from 10M to 100GE

Use StrataSync to push the new software directly to your test instruments.

Contact us here or call 1800 COVERTEL (1800-268-378) for more information about these newly released features.

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