Fibre Testing Made Easy: Save Time and Money

Get Fiber Smart with the new OLTS-85
In the past, the process of fibre testing was not very efficient. Testers were required to move back and forth between the two ends of the fibre link, which resulted in a considerable amount of time being wasted. Additionally, the constant need to change the probe microscope tips added to the inefficiency and resulted in increased expenses.

This method of testing was not only time-consuming but also led to a significant amount of financial resources being wasted. The repeated back and forth movements between the link ends increased the likelihood of errors and could lead to inaccurate results.

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, more efficient methods of fibre testing have been developed. These methods reduce the need for manual intervention and improve accuracy, thus increasing overall efficiency. With the implementation of modern fibre testing techniques, the testing process has become more streamlined, saving both time and money!

Get Smart with your Fiber Testing using the New OLTS-85P

Viavi Solutions has introduced the OLTS-85P as the latest innovation in their SmartClass Fibre product line. This optical loss test set combines industry-standard Tier 1 fibre certification with the most advanced end-face inspection technology available.

The OLTS-85P supports the P5000i digital inspection probe microscope, which enables bulkhead inspection, and has an integrated patch cord microscope for test reference cord inspection. These features allow for thorough inspection of the fibre link at both the local and remote ends, ensuring optimal performance and reducing the likelihood of errors.

What sets the OLTS-85P apart from other fibre testing devices is its ability to provide comprehensive end-face inspection using advanced technology. The P5000i digital inspection probe microscope is a cutting-edge tool that enables inspectors to identify and address potential issues quickly and accurately.

SmartClass Fiber Testing Handheld Testers


  • Efficient Tier 1 certification workflow (half the steps of other tools)
  • Certification and inspection in the same solution
  • Full inspection at both ends
  • Remote inspection results stored locally
  • Includes patch cord microscope
  • SM, MM, and Quad versions
  • Certification reporting with FiberChekPRO

Additionally, the integrated patch cord microscope allows for easy inspection of test reference cords, further ensuring the accuracy of the test results. By providing these advanced features, the OLTS-85P is a valuable tool for fibre testing and certification, allowing for faster, more accurate testing and reducing the potential for costly errors.

Get the job done right the first time, on time with the new OLTS-85P.

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