Webinar: DDoS Resilience – Validate your Readiness

Let’s face it, companies within all sectors the world over are under attack. While not obvious in today’s headline news, Cyber Warfare is raging. Don’t just try and protect your network – know that’s it’s protected!

Over the past few years, the DDoS Prevention and Services Revenue spend has grown significantly, 17.1% annually, and it is not slowing down. With companies moving from On-Premises to Cloud based infrastructure or indeed running hybrid combinations, the landscape for vulnerabilities is growing at an exponential rate.

The strain of COVID-19 on all our working and personal lives has been immense and as a result the “home-based” working growth has only increased network vulnerabilities. DDoS has always been a moving target, but now it is a rapidly moving target with no end in sight!

 Join NETSCOUT and CoverTel on September 17th at 10:00AM AEST to learn about actions you can take right now to:

  • Validate your infrastructure integrity, both “On and Off Prem”
  • Ensure your mitigation solutions are functioning as expected
  • Reduce downtime with a clear view of what is being protected
  • Understand what types of DDoS attacks are being mitigated
  • Ensure service availability and performance

Register for this webinar and to learn how we can help you “Validate your Network Readiness” to ensure your branding remains as secure as your network.

Space is limited, so please register in advance.

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September 17, 2020 9:59AM AEST

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