Technical Briefs: Partial Timing Support

The ITU-T has recently approved Recommendation G.8273.4. This standard defines how Partial Timing Support (PTS) is applied to networks using IEEE 1588 PTP, and the performance of clocks designed to work in the PTS synchronization architecture. The Technical Briefs below provide valuable insight into the progression of today's network timing.

What us Partial Timing Support

This document provides an overview of what PTS is and how it is used in the network. It also describes the clocks themselves and how they work. Calnex document number CX6007 (below) is a companion document and describes the approach required to test these clocks in the lab.

Top 3 things you will learn:

  • Level of PTP support provided by the network.
  • Use Cases for PTS
  • Relevant Standards for PTS
Partial Timing Support Testing

This document provides a summary of how to test these clocks in the laboratory.

  • Partial Timing Support Clocks
  • Testing APTS Clocks
  • Testing PTS Clocks
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