Talking sync strategies for smart grids

ADVA Talking sync strategies for smart grids

Cybersecurity threats, or attacks on computer systems and networks, are at an all-time high. This poses a significant risk to utility networks, which are critical infrastructure systems that provide essential services such as electricity, gas, and water. If these networks are hacked or disabled, it can have serious consequences for the people and businesses that rely on them. To prevent and mitigate this risk, it is important for utility networks to have strategies in place to protect their systems and ensure the continuity of their operations.

One key aspect of these strategies is the protection of PNT services. PNT stands for positioning, navigation, and timing, and refers to the systems and services that provide precise synchronization and location information. The “T” in PNT is often the least parameter, despite being the most valuable. The GNSS system, consisting of multiple satellite constellations, such as GPS, Galileo, Beidou and GLONASS, delivers accurate time across the globe, while enabling “P” and “N” solutions to work effectively. Like ground and power in electricity, timing is a critical asset used for precise network time synchronization, including accurately locating power line faults, synchronizing distributed control processes and load flows, and balancing power supply and demand by precisely timestamping data records. And no matter how well power grids protect themselves, PNT cyber threats will continue.

ADVA has developed a new technology called aPNT+ in response to cyber threats to PNT systems. This technology is designed to improve the reliability, security, and robustness of timing for critical infrastructure. ADVA has a wide range of Oscilloquartz timing and synchronization solutions and has been using its expertise and products in mission-critical applications for many years. The aPNT solution is built on this foundation and is intended for use by operators and enterprises.

If you'd like to learn more on how to protect smart grids from PNT disruptions, click the button below to download PNT Sync Guide.

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