Software Release 26.3 Available for VIAVI Metro Product Family

VIAVI released the latest round of software and feature updates for the T-BERD/MTS-8000E, -6000A MSAM & CSAM, the T-BERD/MTS-5800, the MAP-2100, and the SmartClass 4800. This new software version includes test options and feature enhancements to enable network tests at new speeds and with new capabilities that make testing faster and more efficient.

New Orderable Options

  • NTP Testing Test the quality of NTP clock distribution to identify problems with asymmetric latency, packet delay variation, and excess wander.
  • C37.94 Testing Test the C39.94 protocol to ensure that teleprotection equipment used in utility networks can communicate seamlessly.
  • 100G & 40G Layer 4 Testing Ensure that 100G and 40G network are fully functional by sending UDP and TCP payloads end to-end.

No-Cost Feature Enhancements

  • Launch Tests from the Fusion Test Controller Fully automated testing from a web UI with the Fusion Test controller. Simply connect the instrument to the controller and let the Fusion do the rest.
  • CPRI Enhancements Now generate two CW tones to measure distance to PIM and overlay multiple spectrum plots on a single graph.
  • 10G PTP Check Testing IEEE 1588v2 PTP has never been easier with PTP Check; it now supports both 1G and 10G interface rates.
  • MAP-2100 Optical Switch Support Add one to four optical switches to the MAP-2100 to easily choose which line interface to use for test traffic.
  • Per Port Test Lock Coordinate with remote users by individually locking each test port.
  • Report Geolocation Automatically add geolocation to your test reports when connected to the built-in GNSS receiver or the Mobile Tech app. Get the app on iOS or Android.

Just use StrataSync to push the new software directly to your test instruments or use the links below to upgrade manually:

T-BERD/MTS-8000E MSAM, CSAM (v26.3)

T-BERD/MTS-6000Av2 MSAM & CSAM (v26.3)

T-BERD/MTS-5800 models 5822P & 5811P (v26.3)

MAP-2100 (26.3)

SmartClass-4800 (v26.3)

If you’d like more information, please call us on 1800 COVERTEL (1800 268 378) or send us an email at

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