Are you ready for 100G to move out of the core?

Gear up for the future with Viavi’s leading MTS-5800 100G tester
100G – It’s not just for the core anymore!

The increasing prevalence of cloud computing, video streaming, and mobile broadband has caused disruptions to network oversubscription ratios worldwide. In response to the growing demand for bandwidth, network service providers are extending 100G network connections further out into the network, closer to end-users, instead of just focusing on the core. However, this shift presents challenges for new field operations teams, who are often inexperienced and lack the necessary equipment and knowledge to support 100G networks. Additionally, these teams are also expected to maintain and support the entire range of technologies in the installed base, not just Ethernet or 100G, which further complicates their tasks. The proliferation of cloud, video, and mobile broadband is driving the deployment of 100G networks, but the challenge of supporting these networks falls on inexperienced field operations teams who are responsible for maintaining the entire installed base of technologies.

Viavi has introduced an innovative solution to address the challenges posed by the increasing demand for 100G network connections. This solution is a handheld, all-in-one, dual port 100G network tester, which is the first of its kind in the world. This handheld tester is designed to incorporate Viavi’s years of experience in the industry into a single unit that allows technicians to perform all BER tests up to 100G, including fiber testing, using one powerful instrument. The MTS-5800 100G features simple, automated test workflows that enable every technician to become an expert. Additionally, the dual port feature saves time and simplifies multi-port turn-up and dual port troubleshooting tasks. The MTS-5800 100G is also future-proof as it is capable of handling upcoming technologies such as 200G Coherent.

MTS 5800-100G handheld network tester

MTS 5800-100G Feature Highlights:

  • Dual-port Coverage:
    • 2x 100GE LR4 (40GE); 2x OTU4 Bulk; 2x 10GE, combinations
  • 100GE Interfaces:
    • LR4, RS-FEC interfaces: SR4, PSM4, CWDM4
    • QSFP28, CFP4
  • All rates up to 100G
    • 1.5M/2M to 112G OTU4
  • All protocols & fiber testing:
    • T1/T3/E1/E3, OTN, SONET/SDH, CPRI, Fibre Channel
    • Concurrent Protocol/BERT, Fiber Optics (OTDR, COSA), and fiber inspection
    • Timing/Synchronization with TEM module
  • Service activation suites:
    • OTN Check, SAMComplete Y.1564, RFC 2544, and RFC 6349 TrueSpeed

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