Albedo xGenius is the best Transmission & Sync Tester

Best Transmission & Synchronisation Tester when dimension matters


Albedo xGenius is an advanced multi-technology telecom tester used to test communication networks. It can check Ethernet/IP networks that have speeds up to 10 gigabits per second, and it supports Sync-E/PTP protocols. It can test the quality of different interfaces like GbE/PDH/T1/E1/E0, and it can also act like a PTP/SyncE device. Even though it is the smallest tool of its kind in the market, it has a touch-screen that is easy to use and is suitable for both labs and field work. It is very accurate when it comes to measuring time and frequency, thanks to the built-in Rubidium clock.

xGenius the 3rd Dimension

This cutting edge hand held tester is ideal for LTE/TDD/5G deployment because it has EVERYTHING engineers need in IP/Ethernet backhaul and PTP/SyncE synchronization. Field experts do not need to carry several testers with multiple modules to turn up and monitor communication infrastructures.

This advanced multi-technology tester is designed to provide all the necessary features and capabilities to test the transmission of data across a network. It can create a fake version of some types of data to test how they work and can accurately test the speed and accuracy of data transfer. The xGenius also supports testing with different types of data to ensure the network can handle important applications that require flawless performance. With features like Master/Slave PTP emulation up to 10Gb/s, BER, RFC2544, eSAM, Multistream, MPLS, Jitter, and Wander, the tool offers comprehensive testing capabilities for assessing network performance and quality. This is critical to ensure that the network can support critical applications that require high levels of reliability and performance.

Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to testing your communication networks. Trust the Albedo xGenius to provide the accuracy and reliability you need to keep your critical applications running smoothly. Get yours today! Call us on 1800 COVERTEL (1800 268 378) or contact us here.

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