Protect Your Workplace with Infrared Thermal Scanning

As we move towards 'COVID normal', many aspects of life are returning to normal and work is no exception, with many businesses contemplating the re-opening of offices and other workplaces. But reopening businesses and buildings is challenging, because the virus is a hidden threat.

However, the use of InfraSensing by ServersCheck's Infrared Thermal Camera Sensors can help in this regard by detecting carriers of the virus with elevated skin temperatures, thus enabling potential risks to be identified quickly and efficiently. These instant scanners can be a useful tool for businesses to consider as they navigate the challenges of reopening in a COVID-19 environment.

ServersCheck Covid-19 Infrared Self-Screening Kit

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The InfraSensing IR Spot Sensors check your body temperature when you walk through a door or a checkpoint. They work really quickly and can tell if your temperature is okay or if you might have a fever, which could be a sign of an illness like COVID-19. These scanners are really helpful for places that have a lot of people coming in and out because they can check people's temperatures without causing much delay. They can help keep buildings and workplaces safe by quickly identifying people who might be potentially sick.

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