Spectra2 XL3

Signaling and Media Test Solution

Key Features and Benefits:

Spectra2 XL3 platform simplifies the validation of these factors by providing:

  • High performance diameter testing with thousands of TPS
  • High performance media testing with thousands of media calls
  • High performance multi- protocol scenarios
  • Mass subscriber simulation with abstract access network

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Performance Testing is the only way to avoid signaling storms and assure service Quality of Experience (QoE). The Spectra2 XL3 hardware platform from NETSCOUT is an IMS and EPC test solution that enables customers to drive extreme levels of IP signaling and media traffic into the network. In doing so, Spectra2 XL3 can help verify multi-dimensional network performance and deliver services with confidence.

Performance is one of the key factors used to ensure end-to-end LTE network stability. With the increase in new applications and devices requiring greater bandwidth, signaling volumes are growing exponentially. The Spectra2 XL3 can drive traffic to those extreme levels, reaching hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, so you can stress test your critical network functions with protocols such as SIP, H248, DIAMETER, and SIGTRAN, among others.

Spectra2 XL3 can originate and terminate the high volumes of media sessions needed to assure that gateways deliver on customer demand with appropriate levels of QoS. To mitigate risk, the Spectra2 XL3 provides a comprehensive test platform to validate the network from both signaling and media performance perspectives.

All this is delivered with the award-winning Spectra2 software application – a multi-user, multi-protocol, multi-media, single source application that spans all your core test needs.

Spectra2 XL3 for EPC Test and IMS Test

Effective IMS and EPC test solutions, at a minimum, must provide some basic functions:

  • Standards based Conformance Testing
  • Functional Testing of Signaling Call Flows and Media Streams
  • Media QoS and QoE Measurement, and
  • User and Element Simulation, and
  • Performance or Stress Testing

A superior test platform must go above and beyond these basic components providing all these functions in a single high capacity green footprint that allows you to drive your EPC and IMS Cores to their breaking points for signaling, media, and functionality.

IMS Test and EPC Test Ensures Return on Investment

The Spectra2 XL3 provides a myriad of benefits:

  • A single platform for  IMS Test and EPC Test saves capital spend
  • High volume signaling and media enable peace of mind during the impending capacity storms
  • A single energy efficient platform reduces your year over year operational cost
  • The multi-user  easy-to-use application means maximum productivity
  • Built-in automation capabilities allow the machine to work for you

Targeted Test Domains

Spectra2 XL3 is powered by advanced signaling and media generation capabilities that enable high performance testing of protocols including SIP, Diameter, TCAP, and RTP. This holistic approach to performance testing helps test and tune the following network nodes:

  • Diameter Signaling Controller
  • Diameter Routing Agent
  • Home Subscriber Server
  • Mobility Management Entity
  • Policy Server
  • PDN Gateway
  • Charging Systems
  • Call Server Control Function
  • Media Control Servers
  • Media Gateways
  • Session Border Controller
  • IMS Application Server